Summer Solstice 2006
Stones Access - 10:00pm on Tuesday June 20th to 9:00am on Wednesday June 21st. (11 Hours)

These are available as a 'pdf' file:-
The pdf file runs to seven pages, but it is well worth checking out. If you haven't been before - read it all. Especially the advice about the cold. Also includes useful links for travel, plus details of local camping and accommodation.

  The Summer Solstice 2006 Car Park
The Car Park opens at 8:00pm on June 20th. Last Admissions to car park will be at 6:00 am on June 21st. The Car Park closes at 1:00pm on June 21st (i.e. four hours after the stones close)

  Driving to the The Summer Solstice 2006
The Car Park opens at 8:00pm on June 20th. Therefore plan on arriving at Stonehenge at 8:00pm or later. If you arrive earlier you will simply end up 'stacked up' in a closed road until 8:00pm. If you arrive 'on the dot' you'll be at the back of the queue of people who thought they'd get there early! So you're recommended to plan to arrive for around 9:00pm. That still leavesa time to park up, have something to eat and pop to the loo before the stones upen at 10:00pm. If you have a long journey to the stones then why not plan to get within 20 to 40 miles of Stonehenge in time to pull over and get some sleep because the eleven hours of Open Access is a long eleven hours!

  Leave the car at home & use public transport
The roads can get very blocked with traffic queueing to get into the car park so why not use public transport? There are Special Buses laid on for people who wish to attend the Summer Solstice Celebration at Stonehenge. Last Year over 2,500 people used these buses which depart regularly both ways so you have flexibility in when you arrive and when you leave :-)

  Special Bus Service - between Salisbury and Stonehenge
Last year around 11% of visitors used this more environmentally friendly service and reported that the journey gave a sense of 'community' to the event even before arriving at the stones.

BUSSES TO THE STONES will run from Salisbury Bus Station and Salisbury Train Station to Stonehenge starting at 8:30 pm(20:30 hrs) on the 20th June until 1:15 am (01:15 hrs) on 21st June.

BUSSES BACK TO SALISBURYS - Return busses will commence at 5:15 am (05:15 hrs) and run until 9:45 am (09:45 hrs) which is 45 minutes after the MOA ends.

  Timetable for the Special Solstice Bus Service:-

Wiltshire and Dorset Busses have set aside extra buses to cope with extra capacity, if needed during the 'peak hours' of this special service if the number of people using it does increase as hoped. In addition, anyone who buys a return ticket on the special busses can use the normal buses with this ticket. Therefore anyone who misses the last bus can walk to a regular bus stop to get back to Salisbury.
PRICE CONFIRMED AS £:7.00 Return or £5.00 single.

Wiltshire and Dorset Busses Main Site:-  (thanks to Morgan for providing the links).